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LED Work Light

8 Parts

LED Work Light
  • Featuring 3 Watt Epistar LED Chips
  • 50000 Plus Hours Life Span
  • Instant On/Off Operation
  • PWM Thermal Management Regulation
  • IP Rated At 68

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LED Worklight

2 Parts

LED Worklight
  • Constructed w/Grade-A/ Cree LED Chips For Superior Quality
  • Waterproof And Dustproof
  • Keeps Water And Air Out
  • Rust-Free Aluminum Housing w/Rugged/ Crack-Resistant Lexan Lens
  • Durable/ Painted/ UV-Resistant And Mar-Resistant Finish
  • Advanced Optics System Reduces Wasted Light
  • Dual/ Oversize Heat Sinks Maintain Low Running Temperatures
  • Instant On-Off Requires No Warmup Time
  • 50000 Plus Hours Average Lifespan For 5 Years Of Continuous Use
  • Passes CE/ RoHS/ UV/ Extreme Temperature/ Vibration And Dust
  • Operates In Temperatures From Minus 40 Up To 145 Fahrenheit
  • w/Strong/ Waterproof Wiring Harness For Reliable Connection

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